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Our book is out!

Our book about all things hiking and camping in Oman is on the shelves! The best of 3 years worth of intensive hiking and camping experience in Oman in one book! 30+ family friendly hikes, and camping trips, mainly off the beaten path. Many of them are toddler friendly and all of them are personally tested by us. It is all based on the blog and we recommend to use it with the blog. The book includes all my favourite destinations - those which are typically lesser known. There are no hyped locations, like Wadi Shab or Wadi Bani Khalid, although few of the more famous ones made it to the book because they have a twist. The hikes are organized in 3 main categories: Muscat hikes, Muscat day trips (trips you can make in one day from Muscat) and longer hikes and camping trips including itineraries for Musandam and Dhofar. We also included a section about Omani heritage (best hunting grounds for mudbrick ruins and Omani doors) and our favourite local guest houses.  It has been so much fun to

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